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Pub Housekeeping During Unprecedented Times

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Hello again! If you’ve read our tips about maintaining your pub cellar during the coronavirus pandemic then, hopefully, you’ve already emptied your cellar and given it a thorough clean.

Here are a few more housekeeping tips for your pub:

  1. Return unused stock still in date.
  2. Empty casks to be corked and stored securely (unless they can be returned with unused kegs and casks).
  3. Empty, clean and sanitise the ice machine, and leave the hatch door open.
  4. Following your final (for now) line clean, sanitise keg couplers and attach to cleaning sockets – ensure cask lines are off the floor.

In the pub itself:

  1. Clean all glassware and store on lattice matting.
  2. Remove and clean all sparklers and nozzles, and leave to air dry.
  3. Empty and clean bottle coolers and fridges, and leave doors open.

Remember to take regular checks in your cellar, looking for pests, and ventilate regularly to keep damp and mould growth at bay – it’s gonna be a warm period !!

Take care of yourselves too, and see you on the other side with some pre-opening checks!