Personal Licence Courses for the Hospitality Industry

SIA Licence Security Guard Training Course

To work as a Door Supervisor or Security Guard in the UK you will need to have a licence issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). One of the requirements of the licence is that you hold a recognised qualification, this training course meets this criteria. The course is run over three days with a minimum of 18 hours tuition and three exams.


  • Exam 1 – 40 minutes, 25 questions, pass mark 18
  • Exam 2 – 40 minutes, 25 questions, pass mark 18
  • Exam 3 – 60 minutes, 40 questions, pass mark 28

The Security Guard syllabus will provide the knowledge needed to pass the exams

The qualification consists of four modules:

  • Day 1 – Working in the Private Security Industry
  • Day 2 – Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry
  • Day 3 – Working as a Security Guard
Course Fee : £180.00 (Inc VAT)
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