Personal Licence Courses for the Hospitality Industry

SIA Licence Door Supervisor Course

To work as a Door Supervisor or Security Guard in the UK you will need to have a licence issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). One of the requirements of the licence is that you hold a recognised qualification, this course meets this criteria. The course is run over three days and has a minimum of 26 hours tuition with 3 exams and a practical assessment.


  • Exam 1 – 40 minutes, 25 questions, pass mark 18
  • Exam 2 – 40 minutes, 25 questions, pass mark 18
  • Exam 3 – 60 minutes, 40 questions, pass mark 28
  • Practical Assessment in Physical Intervention  

The Door Supervisors course syllabus will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to pass the exams, our instructors will also demonstrate to you the real life practicalities of being a Door Supervisor or Security Guard, so that when you eventually start work you will feel much more confident in your new role.

The qualification consists of four modules:

  • Day 1 – Working in the Private Security Industry
  • Day 2 – Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry
  • Day 3 – Working as a Door Supervisor
  • Day 4 – Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry
Course Fee: £199.01 (Inc VAT)
Includes course material and exam fees
For more information please call
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