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This online course provides you with an understanding of the framework of Licensing Law and Responsible Alcohol Retailing. The course covers underage sales prevention, legislation and social responsibilities involved with responsible alcohol retailing. For a Personal Licence Holder to authorise a team member to sell alcohol on their behalf, they must train that person to a suitable level. This course is perfect to demonstrate a suitable level of training has been achieved.

  • Access online, anywhere, anytime, and on any device – laptop, mobile, tablet or desktop (Windows, Apple or Android, etc).
  • Accredited and endorsed by leading awarding bodies within the hospitality industry.
  • Unlimited access to course modules – to refresh your knowledge of responsible retailing at any time.
  • Personalised, printable ‘Award for Licensed Premises Staff’ certificate.
  • Personal dashboard to track your progress, or employees’ progress.

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This course is accredited and endorsed by leading awarding bodies within the hospitality industry, including the Institute of Hospitality and the BIIAB.

  • Licensing Law and the retail sale of alcohol
  • The Licensing objectives (England & Wales)
  • Alcohol and how it affects us
  • Social responsibilities
  • Drug awareness
  • Dealing with conflict

Course Duration: 60 minutes*
* Based on average time taken by candidates.

Assessment: Upon completion of the course, learners will complete an end of learning assessment consisting of 20 questions. 70% of the questions will need to be answered correctly to receive a certificate.

As part of our flexible training and support for hospitality and leisure professionals, Inn-Dispensable offers a range of additional services and online courses.

All staff involved in retailing alcohol must know the key licensing laws and how to apply these laws. Any server has the potential to be personally fined if they do not follow these laws.

It is the responsibility of the Designated Premises Supervisor to ensure all staff have been appropriately trained and receive refresher training at regular intervals. Providing this e-learning course for all staff is an ideal way for a DPS to demonstrate due diligence to the Responsible Authorities.

To obtain a Personal Licence an accredited qualification is required. Inn-Dispensable highly recommend that a learner wishing to obtain a Personal Licence attends one of our tutor-led courses or enrols on our home-learning online APLH course.

Course content:

Module 1

  • Alcohol & how it affects us
  • The definition of alcohol
  • What alcohol does to the body
  • Chronic & binge drinking
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV)
  • How the body eliminates alcohol

Module 2

  • Licensing Law
  • The Licensing Objectives
  • Responsibilities of a Personal Licence Holder & of the Designated Premises Supervisor
  • The Premises Licence Operating Schedule
  • Temporary Event Notices

Module 3

  • The Protection of Children from Harm
  • Age-restricted products
  • Test purchasing
  • Age verification
  • The fines for selling alcohol to children

Module 4

  • Your social responsibilities
  • Premises Licence Mandatory Conditions
  • Crime prevention
  • Sensible drinking of alcohol in relation to drink-driving
  • Smoking – the law

Module 5

  • Your duty to refuse service
  • Recognising the signs of drunkenness & disorderly conduct
  • Fines and fixed penalty notices
  • Disorderly conduct on licensed premises

Module 6

  • Prevention and control of violence
  • Drug awareness
  • Security and Door Supervisors
  • Crime scene preservation
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