Personal Licence Courses for the Hospitality Industry

Inn-Dispensable provides BIIAB Personal Licence Training to both the general public and corporate businesses. This licence course enables people to acquire the APLH (formerly NCPLH) qualification, which is required by people who want to get their personal licence – to allow them to sell alcohol.

The law currently states that anyone wishing to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol must hold a ‘Personal Licence’ issued by their local authority. It is a mandatory requirement that anyone requiring this must have gained an ‘Award for Personal Licence Holders’ (APLH) qualification before applying to sell alcohol. Inn-Dispensable also provides a Personal Licence application service.

A range of other courses are also available for the retail industry.

Inn-Dispensable is able to offer three different ways to enable clients to obtain this licence qualification. Firstly, by attending one of our 1-day courses at any one of our 45 public centres around the UK – which are easily booked online. Secondly, we can come to clients own premises and run the course privately – as long as they have a minimum of 5 people. And thirdly, clients can study in their own time and pace by accessing our online APLH course through our web site.

Once a person has obtained their Personal Licence they are able to authorise other people, such as their staff, to sell alcohol but must also ensure they are adequately trained. Inn-Dispensable is able to provide this type of training in the form of a half-day course leading to the BIIAB Award in ‘Responsible Alcohol Retailing‘ or our online course ‘Licensing & Social Responsibility‘.

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