Personal Licence Courses for the Hospitality Industry

Pub Owners: Earn An Extra £¼ Million Over The Next 10 Years

Hospitality Staff Training
  • How much beer do you waste in drip trays?
  • How many drip trays have you got?
  • What’s the capacity of your drip trays, in pints?


5 x 15 cm square drip trays = 1.75 pints

9 x 9 cm square drip trays = 0.75 pints

So that’s an average of 1.25 pints per drip tray.

So 2 full drip trays per day thrown away = 2.5 pints x 365 days pa = 9125 pints @ average £2.85 =
£26006 pa!!!!

Stay in the pub 10 years and you’ll lose over £1/4 million into drip trays.

Solution? … Train your staff not to spill beer into drip trays ASAP!!!

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